Cross Connections

“Cross connection” means a connection or potential connection between any part of a water supply system and another environment containing substances in a manner that, under any circumstances, would allow the substances to enter the water supply system by means of back siphonage or back pressure.

NR 810 and the State of Wisconsin plumbing code Chapter SPS 382, and City of Glendale Code of Ordinances PROHIBIT the cross connection of two water supply systems.  While the City does permit property owners to maintain a private well, the well and city water supplies cannot be connected to each other so as to eliminate any chance of one affecting the other.  Additionally, back flow prevention devices on exterior hose bibbs, laundry tub faucets, pull-out spray nozzles, hand-held shower sprays and even toilet tank flush valves must be in place to prevent any chance of cross connection and contamination.

Contact the Glendale Building Inspection Department or the Glendale Water Utility for more information.

Cross-Connection Hazards