Invasive Plant Disposal

This is a reminder that Wisconsin law (s. 287.07(7)(cm). Wis. Stats.) now contains an exception to the general prohibition on the landfill disposal of yard materials. The limited exception is for the disposal of certain plants that are classified by the DNR as invasive species. These plants may be disposed of in landfills if separated from other yard materials that are subject to the disposal ban.

May and June are prime months for landowners, maintenance crews and volunteer groups to collect invasive plants for disposal. Common invasive plants removed during this time include garlic mustard, Dame’s rocket, buck thorn, honeysuckle, purple loosestrife and other nuisance plants. A list of species classified by the DNR as invasive is presented below.

You do not have to identify plants provided for disposal as being invasive plants. The DNR recommends that you label bags containing invasive species. e.g. "contains invasive plants" and allow the disposal of invasive plants. The DNR realizes this arrangement is not entirely foolproof, but will help ensure that a reasonable disposal option is available for invasive plants without allowing illegal disposal of other yard work.

If you have questions, please contact WI DNR at 

Please view the website at WI DNR for a list of Plants Classified as invasive under NR 40 - WI’s Invasive Species.