Block Watch Program

What Is Block Watch?

Block Watch is simply neighbors watching out for each other. It is a program designed to get you, the resident of a neighborhood, involved in actively participating in preventing crime. This not only helps the police keep your neighborhood safe, but also improves the overall quality of life for everyone. A Block Watch program in your neighborhood will also help you become acquainted with your neighbors by working together with police to identify specific problems and concerns in your neighborhood. You are the best judge of what is "normal" activity in your neighborhood and by using crime prevention techniques you can take back your neighborhood. 

How Does Block Watch Work?

The police cannot be everywhere at once and that is where you come in. By keeping an eye out for unusual or suspicious activity and then calling 911, you will help police be in the right place at the right time! This works best when organized throughout the neighborhood to ensure maximum effectiveness. 

Starting A Block Watch

Starting A Block Watch Is Easy! Just talk to your neighbors and set a time and place to meet. Contact the Glendale Police Department and we will arrange for a Crime Prevention Officer to attend your meeting. The officer will provide valuable information on simple prevention techniques you can use to make your neighborhood safer. 

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